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Fully Customized Designs

I Do Designs is one of the creative website designing companies in Cochin, having well-experienced team of web designers or developers with latest web skills who can provide you with fully customized websites. Our innovative designs at affordable prices can uplift your business thereby increasing ROI.

威廉希尔官网赔率 Before we look into how customized web designs benefit your business, let’s see how it is about templates. Templates normally come with built-in features, using which you can build your website more or less instantly. It is a ready to go option that looks like a completed website, except the fact that content or images will be dummy. One can add their own content that has been specifically written for that website. Most companies purchase one template and build many websites using that same template, but with some customizations made for each website. The available options for a website builder template are WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc. The drawback of using a template is that lots of other businesses could be using the same template and hence your website will not stand out as much, because most popular themes have been downloaded hundreds of times. Also, some templates are not built to be search engine friendly.

Why I Do?

I Do Designs, being one of the top web design companies in Cochin offers customized web design solutions that meets the Google standards. The websites are designed in such a way to fit all the specific requirements of clients. With our dedicated team, we design eye-catching web portals with mobile-friendliness and easy navigation features. We use various compression techniques to shorten the loading time of a website, thus allowing to create a fast loading website. The custom websites created will incorporate all the essential and unique elements that are required to make your business more appealing and engaging. We thrive to create the perfect user experience using simple HTML code, but at the same time, we make sure that there are no unwanted codes. I Do Designs also offers additional website optimizations such as adding meta description, by which only the required content will appear in the search engine results giving an opportunity to give the users a compelling reason to click through your page. All these optimizations gives the website a boost in Google search than the other template websites.

At I Do, we make sure that all the websites we develop are updated with latest technologies and tools for optimal success. We always give our 100% dedication for the project to be successful and deliver it within the stipulated time frame. We extend our exclusive support services to all our clients with content change, URL change and so on, and thus stay strong by their side until they are completely satisfied by our job.

The Process

The professional web design team at I Do Designs will design a custom layout for your understanding about your business and also considering your organizational goals. This layout will be presented to you and, taking your suggestions, we will update the same and the design will be converted into HTML pages. We believe this process is important in creating an effective digital asset or a website that is simple and fast loading.